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Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar Slides - How To Get It?

Written by Cylas Tee, on September 5, 2022
Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar Slides Featured Image
Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar Slides Featured Image

Looking for Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar Slides?

You probably heard of the Perfect Webinar Script before, but how do you get his personal million dollar slides template, that you can easily edit and use?

In this article, I will show you how you can get it!

What Is Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar Slides

CylasTee RussellBrunson PerfectWebinarSlides MockUp

The Perfect Webinar Slide is Russell Brunson’s personal webinar slide template, that he used to generate tens of millions of dollars in sales, both from stage and also online webinars.

This is the EXACT editable template that he uses every time he starts to create a webinar presentation. Using these slides, Russell Brunson recently closed a total of $3 Million in sales, during the Funnel Hacking Live event.

How To Get Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar Slides

Unfortunately, there are no direct way of getting Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Slides. The only way to get them is as a content upgrade in the Perfect Webinar Secrets Members Area.

If you are still interested in getting them, here’s how!

Step 1: Get The Perfect Webinar Script

CylasTee RussellBrunson PerfectWebinarSecrets MembersArea

The first step is to head over to the Perfect Webinar Secrets page, and get Russell Brunson’ Perfect Webinar Script offer for $7.

This is the small investment compared to the value you are going to get from both this script and the slides template you are going to get.

Step 2: Click On The Content Upgrade In The Members Area

CylasTee RussellBrunson PerfectWebinarSlides ContentUpgrade

Once you login to the members area, you will see an option at the side bar to get Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Powerpoint template, as seen in the image above.

Click on it and you will see the sales page to purchase his Perfect Webinar Slides in the next step.

Step 3: Get Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Slides!

CylasTee RussellBrunson PerfectWebinarSlides SalesPage

Here you can get access to Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Slides offer.

Normally, you can only get it as part of the 10x Secrets Masterclass, but due to popular demand, it’s available as a separate item now at $47.

That’s all! Enjoy your template and all the best with your upcoming webinar!

What Are The Additional Perfect Webinar Slides Bonuses

If you know Russell Brunson, he’s always offering bonuses to sweeten the deal.

If you choose to buy his Perfect Webinar Slides Template, you will also get access to 41 minute video training, where he will take you though each slide of his presentation deck.

These are the content that he will cover within the first 15 minutes!

  • The 3-part framework: Teaching you how to budget your time in each section of your speech, presentation or webinar.
  • The “Intro & Report” Hack: Teaching you how to establish rapport with your audience FAST, so you move on quickly and still get highly engage audience.
  • The “Big Domino” Hack: Teaching you how to set up that ONE goal for the entire presentation, that ONE thing you are trying to convince them of.
  • The “Authority” Hack: Teaching you how to get your audience to respect and trust you, without coming off as too arrogant or annoying.
  • The “Epiphany Bridge” Hack: Teaching you how to run through your origin story, which is the most critical part of any speech.

Those are what you will get from the additional bonus he is giving you when you purchase his Perfect Webinar Slides! To find out more information, you can head over to the sales page to read more.

How Much Does The Perfect Webinar Slides Cost?

You can get Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar Slide at $47 from the Perfect Webinar Secrets members area. If you have yet to get access to the Perfect Webinar Secrets members area, you have to first get his Perfect Webinar Script at $7.

Is Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar Slides Worth It?

It’s totally worth it!

Do you remember the time where you need to create a PowerPoint presentation, starting at a blank screen, not sure what to include? Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar Slides solves this problem.

Not only you can a ready to use PowerPoint slide, you also get to learn his exact framework and psychology behind the presentation - covering the same technique he used to create $3 million dollar in a 90 Min presentation.


That’s how you can get Russell Brunson Perfect Webinar Slides. If you face any issue, or if there are any inaccuracies in my article. Reach out and let me know!

All the best for your presentation!

Affiliate Disclaimer: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews, recommendation and style of writing. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.
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