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We Built All Our Client Websites In Elementor. Need an Existing Design Developed in Elementor Pro? We can help you with that.

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Did You Know? Elementor is the leading website builder platform on WordPress. Serving over 5 million websites, Elementor's code-free, open-source platform, empowers individuals to create websites quickly without any coding or design skills.
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Cylas Tee has already accumulated over 6 Figures on Upwork, and that’s only one source of clients and income. Figures on Upwork don’t lie.

Build An Existing Design In Elementor

If you have an existing design created in Figma, Sketch, XD or Photoshop, we can help you create them in Elementor, as close to the designs as we deem possible.

Note that there might be some elements that are not available out of the box from elementor, so we might rely on third party plugins or custom code if it would be easier. If you already have a design, send it to us so we can give you the most accurate assessment and quote.

Figma To Elementor Design Graphic
Wix To Elementor Design Graphic

Migrating From Wix/SquareSpace to Elementor

This is probably the best decision you can make. Wix and Squarespace are highly restrictive in terms of design and usability. There might be a small learning curve, but after you get used to Elementor and the Wordpress ecosystem, there is no turning back.

If you want to migrate your website from third party CMS to Wordpress and Elementor, you are at the right place. Note that the cost of migration largely depends on the number of existing posts you have, as these needs to be manually recreated.


Develop Your Clients Design

As an Agency ourselves, we understand that sometimes the inflow of work is just too much for your current dev team, and hiring great talent is not as easy as it sounds.

We can act as the temporary bridge to help you handle your client designs, while you look to hire another full timer. Alternatively, you may choose to outsource all your elementor development work - if you like the quality of the work we deliver.

Outsource Elementor Development Graphic

Why Work With Us?

With Cylas Tee and his team at Ditra Point Solutions, you will not find a more personalised, caring and empowering web design experience.

We truly care about each and every individual we work with, no matter how big or small. We put ourselves in your shoes, understanding your vision, mission, goals and dreams. We are a dedicated, long-term partner in building, maintaining and growing your web presence.

Pricing Options

The following are our estimated price range for any elementor development work. However, the true investment can usually only be confirmed once the details are in place, after both parties understand the scope of the project.

If you already have a design, I would suggest that you reach out to us, to get the most accurate quote to bring your designs to life. Designs are sometimes subjective and may not easily belong to the below categories.
Small Website Icon
Small Website
Starting At USD 997 +

This is the typical development of a 5-10 page brochure website with standard functionality and designs. All functionality will be out of the box from Elementor and Third Party Elementor Add Ons. There will be no development of custom widgets here.

Medium Website Icon
Medium Website
Starting At USD 1497 +

This range includes larger websites typically in the 10-20 page range. This may or may not include a blog or ecommerce. Small websites with custom coding requirements may also belong here.

Large Website Icon
Large Website
Starting At USD 2497 +

This range includes larger sites (Generally 30 + Pages) that require more extensive development, functionality, template creations, training and e-commerce/online stores, memberships or interactive customer solutions, etc.


Note: If you are migrating from an existing CMS like Wix/SquareSpace, the cost of migration will also vary depending on the number of posts migrated, as these post needs to be recreated manually.

Cylas Tee Monay Back Guarantee Icon

Lousy Developer No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

Development with elementor actually never goes wrong, there would likely be no reason for this guarantee to even exist. Either way, if you don’t like the first page we develop, we offer a no questions asked guarantee to give you a Full Refund. We rather work for free, than to see an unhappy client. If you want, just send us “My X can develop better than you”, we won’t take it personally, and we will initiate the guarantee process immediately.

Words From His Clients

Cylas Tee has clients, students and partners from all over the world. As a fully virtual company, he had worked with individuals from the United States, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Russia and Indonesia.

Amazing, did far more than expected. Was prompt and respectful. Anything he was unsure doing, he would research and give me a good understanding of if it was difficult without charging any more. I will use again for all my work in the future.
Quote Marks
Kai A.
Cylas Tee went above and beyond with his amazing service. He was so receptive to our business needs and prompt with solutions that we did not even consider before. He's a WordPress Legend!
Quote Marks
Juan M.
Cylas Tee is a great person to work with. He is very helpful and approachable and is always available to answer any questions. He give a clear guidelines and communicates as a friend. It was a great pleasure to work with Cylas Tee, I hope I will work again with him.
Quote Marks
Kalab A.
Amazing work. Very professional and knowledgeable. Will do the above and beyond for your project. Will recommend to anyone.
Quote Marks
Dean A.
United States
Cylas Tee is a pleasure to work with! He is quick and communicative.
Quote Marks
Jay M.
United States
The work is neat and fast, the communication is excellent! I highly recommend Cylas Tee!
Quote Marks
Romain R.
Cylas Tee was outstanding to work with. He was highly responsive, competent, and went above and beyond to assist me with my task. I couldn't recommend him more highly.
Quote Marks
Chantelle A.
Cylas Tee recreated an existing WordPress website that was performing poorly. The new website now renders pages really quickly. He was quick and efficient and required little direction. I'd recommend him for any WordPress project.
Quote Marks
Paul Y.
United States
Very high standard of work and attention to detail. Understood requirements and executed them within agreed timeframe and without issue. Prompt and professional communication throughout. Highly recommend.
Quote Marks
Cameron Y.
It was great to work with Cylas Tee! He's an amazing individual himself who's pretty great in communication and would always be there for you to listen and guide. 
Quote Marks
Feroz T.
Cylas Tee stepped in and developed a landing page when another vendor was unavailable at the last moment. His work was excellent.
Quote Marks
Paul Y.
United States
Thanks for the great work. Job well done and we look forward to the next project.
Quote Marks
Fabio D.

So, Ready to Get Started?

You might not be sure where to start, but we do and we are confident that you are in good hands. Send us a message and we will guide you through the process to make sure we are a good fit to help you create your dream website. 
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