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Infinitus Members Registration: How To Become An Infinitus Member (All Countries)

Written by Cylas Tee, on August 14, 2022
Infinitus Members Registration Featured Image
Infinitus Members Registration Featured Image

When I first joined the Infinitus Members Program, the whole Infinitus Members Registration process was pretty confusing for me. (It’s much better and more organized now) If you are reading this article, you are probably in the same boat, so let me help you out.

In this article, I will share the various steps you need to take to register for as an Infinitus Members. Doesn’t matter which country you come from, I will show you how you can register from all supported countries.

How To Join The Infinitus Members Program?

Before you continue, take note that there are different registration links for each different countries! So make sure you go to the correct one. The links are highlighted in the step one below.

1) Go To The Infinitus Registration Page For Your Country

At the moment, Infinitus International only allows applicants from the following countries. Click the link below to go to the registration page for your country.

Take note that Korea, Australia and New Zealand follows a slightly different registration process. If you are from one of these countries. You can jump to the eShop Registration section below.

Infinitus Registration Form Country Check

When you are on the page, you can double check that you have selected the correct link by checking the “Registration Market” field. If you see your country here, you are on the correct registration page.

“Member Type” is default and cannot be changed, so you can ignore that field.

2) Confirm Referral’s Distributor Number

If you have a Referral Distributor Number, you can update and make sure the Referral Distributor Number and Name is the correct one. Since you are reading this article, most of you should be brand new and shouldn’t have one, so you can leave that field alone.

Infinitus Distributors Number

If you used the correct registration link above, you will see Referral’s Distributor Number: 980011295 and Referral’s Distributor *** CHIN YUE.

3) Complete Infinitus Members Registration Form

At this point, all you need to do now is to fill up your Personal Information one by one.

The most important field would be Mobile Number field as it would be the primary method to receive your membership number via SMS.

Some countries require additional information like Proof Of Identity (Such as: Driving License, National Identity) or Payment Information (Such as: Bank Information). This is completely normal and it’s not a scam, this is because different countries have different regulations for such business operations.

Just fill up each field as best as you can until you see “Order Information” section.

4) Choose Your Infinitus Starter Kit

Here you will have the option to select between “Flexi Pack”, “Starter Pack / Welcome Pack” and just “Membership”. I will explain what each of these are. Once again, different country will have different option, so do not panic if you don’t see some options.

”Flexi Pack” allows you to manually pick the items you want. However, you need to hit the minimum Point Value (PV) for your country. The Point Value (PV) is just an Infinitus Reward System that allows you to accumulate points as you purchase, and redeem cash or other gift at the end of the month.

Once you hit the minimum amount of PV, you are allowed to checkout. It’s not explicitly stated, but buying a “Flexi Pack” grants you a Free Membership, which is why there’s a minimum PV for them.

”Starter Pack” or “Welcome Pack” are pre-packaged items that are available in your country. These are again different for each country, because not all of Infinitus’ Products are available in all countries. Some examples of “Starter Pack” are like “Beautrio Starter Pack” for facial care and “Gastrointestinal Starter Pack” for gastrointestinal care.

These “Starter Pack” comes with Free Membership so if you see a “Starter Pack” that makes sense to you, do not hesitate to buy them. Sometimes they also comes with other free items, and higher PV than buying the items individually.

The last one would just be the “Membership”, I do not recommend just getting the “Membership” by itself if you have any other options. If this is the only option you have, then you have to get the membership before choosing any products.

5) Login To Your Infinitus Members Area

Infinitus Login Page

After your order has been completed and processed, you will receive a “Membership Number” via SMS. Once you have gotten the SMS, you can proceed to login to the members area from this link here. The default password is the last six digits of registered identity card number, but if it does not work for any reason, you can reset your password with “Forgot Password” option below.

If you can successfully login, that should be all the steps to join as an member, now you get to benefit from all the privileges you have as an Infinitus Member, such as having distributor pricing and earning opportunity from the referral program. (For Most Countries)

What is the Infinutus eShop Registration Process?

Some countries like Korea, Australia and New Zealand, have a much simpler membership registration process. When you click on the Registration Link I have provided above, you will be redirected to an eShop instead.

Infinitus Eshop Website Screenshot

This is because they do not have a referral program (This is true the time of writing, so to get the most updated information, you would need to check with the Infinitus Office in your country. ) The membership will only grant you 20% discount on subsequent purchase, which is great if you are a frequent user of Infinitus Product.

All you need to do is to complete your first purchase with the mimimum PV required. When you press checkout, you will be redirected to the Members Registration Page. Complete all the fields required including setting a password for your account. After your first purchase, you will be provided a membership card, and you can then enjoy 20% discount on all subsequent purchases.

Should You Join The Infinitus Partners Program?

If you intend to be a regular user of Infinitus Products, I would recommend joining the Infinitus Members Program, so you can get the products at members pricing, which is much cheaper than the retail pricing you see.

You also get the chance to earn a side income by referring your other friends and families to use Infinitus Products you trust. This small side income can also help you offset your own cost of consuming Infinitus Product.

If you are competent in sales and referrals, you can also join the program purely for the business opportunity aspect. There are many high achievers earning a full time income doing so, but it’s no easy feat if you don’t have direct sales experience.

Either way, if you are just a consumer, I think a win win situation no matter how I see it.


That’s all!

If you follow the steps and registration links above, you should be able to login to your members are to buy Infinitus Product at members pricing. There are a few more articles that I intend to write to answer other questions, that will come in nead future.

Meanwhile, you can leave any question you might have below. If you know someone who need this, feel free to share them the link.

Have a nice day!

Affiliate Disclaimer: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews, recommendation and style of writing. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.
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