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3 Places To Find The Best Logo Designers For Your Business In 2022

Written by Cylas Tee, on June 30, 2022
Where To Find The Best Logo Designer Featured Image
Where To Find The Best Logo Designer Featured Image

Finding the best logo designers to create your dream logo.

Are you planning to start your online business? Or move an existing business online? Or perhaps, you are an just entrepreneur, just starting out on their digital marketing journey.

If you are any of the above, the first thing that comes to mind when you want to start an online business… is probably the creation of your logo. To many, that’s probably the first step they will take if they want to do anything online. A logo is like the face of your brand, something people see every day. Without one, your business just feels incomplete.

But honestly, when you are first starting out, you can actually survive without a logo. We can always just use a placeholder text on black background, or just grab one pre-made from Canva. There are actually much more important things to do, such as business planning and digital strategy, but the perfectionist side of us usually want to get the logo out of the way.

Some of us even end up with far too many logo sitting in a folder collecting dust - all the failed project that never get to see light, because we focus so much on getting the logo and brand guide up, but failed to plan the real business...

But well.. I am not here to stop you from running your business, so let jump straight into the article and discuss the 3 best platforms to find the best logo designers.

Which Platform Should You Use To Find The Best Logo Designers

99 Designs - Best Logo Design Competition

99 Design Screenshot

The best platform you can get your logo designs and brand guide from, is none other than 99 Designs. 99 Designs is a website that allows you to host a logo design competition, and all the contestant will submit the designs in an attempt to win the prize pool.

Why is this the best?

Have you ever hired a single designer, and found out that the design style completely doesn’t resonate with you? That’s the problem that 99 Design solves! - Instead of locking yourself to one designer, you get to work with many at one go, and only choose the best to proceed and work at a personal level.

A typical 99 Designs competition consist of 3 Rounds.

Round One: The first round is 4 days long, and it’s also the shortlisting round. During these 4 days, you will be flooded with design ideas, and you get to pick 6 finalist to work with you in Round 2.

Round Two: For round two, you get to work with the 6 finalist at a personal level for 3 more days. In this stage, you are allowed to make the finer tweaks to the logo you like, until you get your perfect logo. At the end of this round, you will only get to pick 1 winning design. (Of course, you are allowed to get more, but at additional cost.)

Round Three: Round 3 is just the Final Round where the get to work with the winning designer exclusively. I think this round is 14 days long, give you and the designer enough time to make all the final changes, packages all the files and deliver to you.

If you have not tried 99 Designs, I highly recommend this platform. Whenever one of my clients asks me for Logo Design, I usually just refer them to the 99 Designs, and they eventually come back happy with their highly personalised custom logos.

Photologo - Best Signature Logo Designers

Photologo Page Screenshot

The second platform that i would recommend, is only for Signature Logo - like those you see on photographs and watermark. The reason why this comes immediately after 99 Designs, is because:…

Based on my personal experience, designers on 99 Designs are not really good with Signature style designs. They are the best logo designers if you are looking for a typical corporate, graphic or iconic logo, but when it comes to Signature Logo. I don’t think there’s any better place than Photologo.

Honestly, the first two options i provided here will be all you need to get ANY logo you want designed. If you want a non signature logo, go for 99 Designs, you won’t regret it. If you want a cursive professional looking name/signature logo, there’s only Photologo.

The only reason i provided the final option is for those budget friendly users.

Fiverr - Cheap And Affordable Logo

Fiverr Page Screenshot

The last platform is none other than Fiverr.

I think this platform needs no introduction. You can get your logo designs here as cheap as 5 dollars. What you get will probably serves as a good placeholder when you are first starting out, you can always swap your logo out to a more professional looking one, once you are further into your journey.

Of course, there are also more expensive option here in Fiverr, you can give them a try and i think there are definitely gems among this group of freelancers, but after i tried 99 Designs, i stopped working 1-1, because… why not?


That’s the three best platform i would recommend if you are trying to find a logo designer for your next design. Honestly, there’s only one best platform, the other two are just there as alternatives, in case you are looking for something different.

If you haven’t, you should jump to 99 Designs website right now and have a look. Let me know how your logo competition goes after! If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews, recommendation and style of writing. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.
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